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Passenger response time data is fundamental to ship based evacuation analysis and is a key parameter specified in the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) evacuation analysis protocol MSC Circ 1033 and its successor, MSC Circ 1238. Recent research work conducted under the European Union (EU) Framework five project FIRE EXIT (G3RD-CT-2002-00824) demonstrated that the response time data used in MSC Circ 1033 was not rich enough to accurately represent reality and as such did not provide a suitable basis either for the use of evacuation simulation programs or for their validation.

The FIRE EXIT sea trials data relating to response times was submitted to IMO and incorporated within the new evacuation analysis protocol MSC Circ 1238 which replaced the earlier MSC Circ 1033 which, while limited, was of great use in showing the short comings of present data and the way forward.

It is the main objective of the EU Framework 7 project SAFEGUARD, is to continue this work and acquire a large corpus of sea based data on passenger response times and assembly times of a sufficient size and richness to permit model calibration (in terms of response time distributions) and verification and validation (of the assembly process) and to serve as the basis for improved evacuation analysis protocols beyond MSC Circ 1238.

The data from these trials along with additional benchmark scenarios will be reported to IMO in three information papers for possible incorporation into future modifications of MSC Circ 1238.